Welcome to EDGE:

4 Transformative Workshops

Experience the power of EDGE, our comprehensive training programme designed to unleash the professional and personal
effectiveness of your key staff. EDGE empowers individuals to excel in their roles and achieve extraordinary results.

Our Approach

We work with medium and small businesses throughout the UK who are looking for more impactful training, that will boost performance, morale and staff retention.

Our approach is to take the most powerful tools and insights and curate effective and engaging training that will not only improve engagement but empower your staff to help you and your organisation thrive.

Team Building

Team building is often the single most effective activity to improve performance, morale and staff retention. You don’t need to build a raft or climb mount Everest, as our workshops facilitate rapport building and a meeting of minds, with more impact and less cold. 


Are great leaders born or made? What skillsets do you need to succeed? What type of leader are you? We explore the best theories and learn from each other, then apply it to our world.

High Performance

High Performance Team theories are widely regarded and adopted by the biggest and best organisations in the world.  But how can SME’s benefit from these and what’s the best way to implement.  We explore this and more in our High Performance Workshop.


With most people citing a bad manager as the main reason for leaving a job, good management is vital.  We explore the good, the bad and the ugly within management, and focus on best practice and shared experiences along with the main theories. We also contrast with leadership.


Coaching is an important skill all staff should develop.  We teach coaching in most of our programmes and also offer 1:1 and group coaching from ILM qualified and experienced coaches.


James Hume (Author & Presidential Speech Writer) said, “the art of communication is the language of leadership” and we explore practical and effective tools and techniques to ensure our intent and impact is aligned when we communicate.